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Special Eurobarometer on Attitudes of Europeans towards Animal Welfare

By Published On: October 19, 2023Categories: News

Special Eurobarometer 533 on Attitudes of Europeans towards Animal Welfare has just been published. The fieldwork was conducted in March 2023. This theme was last conducted in 2015. Approx. 1000 citizens were interviewed in 27 EU Member States; in total there were 26, 376 respondents. Participants were asked 14 questions relating to animal welfare.

Some Key findings

  • 91% respondents believe that it is important to protect farm animal welfare
  • 84% would like better protection for animal welfare in their country
  • 67% would like more information on farm conditions for animals in their country
  • 83% believe that travel time for transport for commercial purposes should be limited
  • 88% indicate that it is important to improve animal welfare at slaughter
  • 62% believe that EU animal welfare rules should apply to imports from non-EU countries
  • 60% are willing to pay more for products sourced from animal-welfare friendly systems
  • 43% believe that there is insufficient choice on availability of animal-welfare products

A number of questions related to farming practices. For example,  at least 8/10 consider that sufficient skills and training are important for stockpersons and the majority of respondents want to ban painful procedures unless they are necessary to protect farm workers (provided that anaesthesia is used).

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