EURCAW Ruminants & Equines promotes training initiatives addressed to  official inspectors involved in control activities concerning the welfare of ruminants and equines, as well as policy workers and their Support Bodies of the Competent Authorities in EU Member States.

Training Needs Analysis

During the first Work Programme (2021-2022), the EURCAW Ruminants & Equines developed and piloted a web-based Training Needs Analysis (TNA), to design the long-term training strategy for the Centre. The TNA aims to identify knowledge and skills gaps that prevent the Member States’ Competent Authorities, policy workers and their Support Bodies from effectively performing and excelling in their roles as regards the welfare of ruminants and equines.

A Training Needs Analysis Platform (TraNAP) has been developed to facilitate data collection and reporting of the TNA. It represents a permanent and centralised environment where the TNA will be carried out periodically.

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Standards for training

In order to provide the Competent Authorities and their Support Bodies with standard training materials to disseminate the outcomes of the EURCAW activities at country level, the Centre has developed Toolkits for Trainers, which can be disseminated through national or local cascade training initiatives. The following Toolkits for Trainers will shortly be available:

Each Toolkit is composed of the following items:

    • An example of a syllabus aimed at helping trainers to design training. It describes the specific learning objectives of the course, the beneficiaries, the suggested programme, the training methodologies, the assessment method, the list of speakers, and the contact details of the training organiser
    • A Power Point presentation to be adopted by the Trainers in English (the Master Version) or in the country mother tongue after translation
    • A Word file titled “Explanatory texts supporting cascade training” that  provides the future Trainers with the narration accompanying each slide of the PowerPoint Presentation. It is structured to easily translate the content into the local mother tongue for customisation.
    • A knowledge assessment test to be used at the end of the training session. This assessment tool can also be translated by the course organiser. It includes the key points (model answers) to the assessment questions.

With the aim of strengthening the effectiveness of the Training Toolkits, video recorded lectures for each topic are available in English in a dedicated platform.  To register for access to these Toolkits and/or be enrolled in the eLearning training sessions, please send an email to stating your full name and affiliation. The Centre team will send you all the relevant instructions to access the reserved area of the training platform.

Training activities and materials

If you have access to training material from your own country that may be useful for the EURCAW Ruminants & Equines, please send it to: If possible it would be appreciated in English and with a short comment on why this example can be useful in the training domain.

The Centre also participates in the training workshops on Animal Welfare organised in the framework of the ‘Better Training for Safer Food (BTSF)’ Programme of the European Commission.