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NordCAW Seminar on Horse Welfare

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The Nordic network for Communicating Animal Welfare (NordCAW) is organising a free seminar on equine welfare on 29 November from 12:00-18:05 (CET). The seminar will highlight the challenges facing equestrian sports in the context of animal welfare and social licence to operate. There is still availability for online access, the preliminary programme and registration link are below.

Link to registration: NordCAW seminar 2023 on Horse Welfare in equestrian sport | Externwebben (

Preliminary programme 

12.30-12.45 Welcome and introduction Elina Åsbjer, Swedish Centre for Animal Welfare
12.45-13.30 Society and governance of horse welfare; use of intrinsic value as a starting point Mette Uldahl, DVM, National Head Veterinarian, FEI Denmark, 1st FVE Vice President, DK
13.30-14.15 On the use of horses in sports – ethical considerations Bengt Holst, Chairman of the Danish Animal Ethics Council, DK
14.15-15.00 Welfare parameters in horse sport; oral lesions as an example Mette Uldahl, DVM, National Head Veterinarian, FEI Denmark, 1st FVE Vice President, DK
15.00-15.30 Coffee break  
15.30-16.00 Is rein tension associated with horse behaviour and mouth lesions in harness racing trotters? Kati Tuomola, DVM, PhD, University of Helsinki, FI
16.00-16.45 To be announced Russell MacKechnie-Guire, PhD in Equine Biomechanics,

Centaur Biomechanics, UK

16.45-17.00 Short break  
17.00-17.30 Conflict behaviour in horses used in equestrian sport Elke Hartmann, Associate Professor, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SE
17.30-18.00 What is happening in Europe? We are talking the talk, but are we walking the walk?


Anette Graaf, DVM, Vice President FEEVA, Chair of FEEVAs Equine Welfare Working Group, SE
18.00-18.05 Closure of the meeting SCAW


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