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Welfare Quality Network Seminar

By Published On: October 18, 2023Categories: News


The Welfare Quality network are hosting a seminar on 8 November from 09:00-18:00 (CET). Access is available online. There are several talks relevant to ruminants and equines including:

11:20-11:35 Use of a certification scheme based on Welfare Quality in Finland and new approaches in the field of protocols for horses by Essi Wallenius

14:05-14:20 Animal based measures in the inspection factsheets of EURCAW Ruminants & Equines by Josef Schenkenfelder

14:50-15:05 Welfare assessment “from birth to slaughter” in dairy and beef farms within the project Cowlearning by Susanne Waiblinger

15:45-16:00 A new protocol to assess animal welfare in cattle reared extensively by George Stilwell

16:00-16:15 Development of a welfare assessment protocol for grazing beef cattle in Ireland by Ana Strappini & Joop van der Werf

16:15-16:35 Development of a protocol to assess dairy cow welfare at pasture by Lydiane Aube

And much more!

For more information and online access: WQ Network Seminar Agenda


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