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EURCAW Ruminants & Equines Toolkit for Trainers

By Published On: May 31, 2023Categories: News


The EURCAW Ruminants & Equines is continuously  developing Toolkits for Trainers with the scope to promote capacity building through standardised training, aimed at disseminating the outcomes of the EURCAW Ruminants & Equines activities in EU Member States. Two Toolkits for Trainers are now available. They concern:

– Visual and tactile contact in individually housed calves;

– Environmental enrichment for ruminants and equines.

Each consists of the following items:

  • An example of a syllabus aimed at helping trainers to design training. It describes the specific learning objectives of the course, the beneficiaries, the suggested programme, the training methodologies, the assessment method, the list of speakers, and the contact details of the training organiser.
  • Power Point presentation to be adopted by the Trainers in English (the Master Version) or in the country mother tongue after translation.
  • Word file titled “Explanatory texts supporting cascade training” that provides the future Trainers with the narration accompanying each slide of the PowerPoint Presentation. It is structured to easily translate the content into the local mother tongue for customisation.
  • The relevant factsheets/reviews produced by the Centre.
  • knowledge assessment test to be used at the end of the training session. This assessment tool can also be translated by the course organiser. It includes the key points (model answers) to the assessment questions.

An essential complementary item of each Toolkit is a video recorded lecture, in English, that explains in detail the content of the related factsheets/reviews to facilitate their adoption for the relevant purposes.

Two categories of beneficiaries are foreseen:

– staff of the central, regional or local Competent Authorities and Supporting Bodies interested to use the Toolkits as Trainers 

– staff of the central, regional or local Competent Authorities and Supporting Bodies interested to learn about the factsheets/reviews developed by this EURCAW, participating in asyncronous eLearning training sessions within the Centre eLearning platform.

In light of the above content organisation and training purposes, please click here (  to submit request for accessing the Toolkits and the on-line courses.

Upon submission of that form, candidates will receive further instructions to login and access the available resources, according to the preferences expressed.

  • The first enrolment phase will be from 1 to 20 June 2023
  • The second enrolment phase will be from 26 June to 14 July 2023
  • The third enrolment phase will be from 4 to 22 Sept  2023


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